Part 3. Leading a person out of conspiracy thinking.

Challenging the way

Part 2. The relief that conspiracy theories offer

Part 1. What leads a person to believe conspiracy theories.

The Pain is Real.

The Irresponsible Child

The Original Rift

You don’t.

The Impetus

When I boarded the bus in rural Arkansas to go to a new school in the Seventh grade, I was extremely nervous. Raised as a military brat, this would be my first time attending school off-base, and I wasn’t sure I would fit in. I didn’t make it far down the school bus aisle before I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder. I turned to see four older boys, probably 9th graders. They forcefully lead me down the aisle, finally stopping at the back of the bus. I can still remember the eyes of the bus driver in the rearview mirror, watching as the leader of this group picked me up by my neck against the rear door and asked me:

“Are you a Ni**er?”

Many people that I know are looking around with confusion at why our fellow countrymen are waging a ground offensive in our cities and towns. It may feel like out of nowhere, we are expected to just accept our “white privilege” and acknowledge “systemic racism.” __________________________________

Jonathan Taylor

A Creative Director in Austin, a pilot, an ordained minister, and a centrist researcher trying to find a way to connect the intangible to the tangible.

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